Unique Gift for Mom for Mother’s Day

Mom’s the best! She was there for you as a child and she’s there for you even now that you’re all grown up.  What kind of gift can you give her that shows how much you care but at the same time is memorable and that won’t break your budget?  A personalized magazine cover from YourCover can solve all your Mother’s Day gift idea problems!

Simply upload a hi-res photo of Mom to the Mother’s Day magazine cover template found in the YourCover magazine cover generator.  Default headlines are already inputted and all you need to do is change them to reflect your mom’s likes, dislikes, family, friends and special memories.

A YourCover fake magazine cover can be made in minutes but you will have a created a unique Mother’s Day gift that she will love and keep forever!  Your magazine cover can be purchased in one of several ways – as an instant photo file download that you print yourself at home or at a local photo shop (only $12.95 – great last minute gift and affordable too!). Make sure you print the image file on high quality photo paper as the magazine cover uses a lot of ink which will oversaturate standard copy paper.

Your other option is to let YourCover print your fake magazine cover for you. We also offer frames for a complete Mother’s Day that will be the hit of your celebration.   Get started today!


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