Unique Gift for Pet Lovers

Before I got married everyone was asking, "When are you guys tying the knot?"  When we got engaged, kids were being brought up even before we did tie the knot!  "No, I’m not having kids yet.  Let me get married first, thank you," I would say. 

Now that we’re married, it hasn’t gone away, but just got worse :)  That’s okay, the pitter patter of little feet won’t happen until we say so.  My favorite is when someone said, "You can always get a dog!" 

Personalized Magazine CoverWe would LOVE to get a dog!  Unfortunately, we are both gone during the day and do not want to leave the poor thing at home alone for 8 hours a day.  Until we can bring home a furry friend, we will enjoy my in-laws Shih Tzu and Bichon mix Teddy :O)  He’s soooooo adorable!  We had him over for Halloween last weekend to celebrate the fesitivies…he was a pirate.

We got a bunch of funny pictures at the poor dog’s expense.  However, they will look AWESOME on a personalized magazine cover to give to my in-laws for Christmas!  They will get a kick out of this unique gift idea, especially since Teddy is the star. 

It would also make a great personalized birthday gift for my father-in-law or unique gifts for mom, but we think it would look extra special underneath the Christmas tree.  Why not take some of your pet photos and make your dog or cat a star on their own magazine cover. It’s a gift and keepsake that will bring a smile to everyone’s face! 


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