Unique Gift Idea for Employee!


Personalized Photo Gift IdeasAre you looking to recognize a special employee for all the hard work and dedication that they have contributed to the company?  Creating a personalized magazine cover would be the perfect gift to give!  Show how much you appreciate them by putting them on their very own fake magazine cover!  This unique gift for your employee of the month will be a great incentive for all your other employees.  Everyone will want to be on their own magazine cover!

A plaque or certificate will just collect dust and won’t reflect the positive contribution made by your employee.  Create a fake magazine cover and you’ll have an employee award that will bring smiles and be looked upon with pride for years to come.  One of the unique features of YourCover is the duplication tool.  Create your first employee of the month magazine cover. The next time you need to recognize an employee, simply click the "duplicate cover" button beneath the original design.  A second identical cover is created; change out the photo, update the personal information, re-name the new cover and you have a unique employee award in half the time.  Your main company information and layout remain the same which saves you time while still allowing you to give a recognition award that is unique to that particular employee.

Make a magazine cover for your employee recognition award at YourCover.com


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