Unique Gift Idea for Pet

Personalized Magazine Cover for PetMy in-laws just brought home a 10 week old puppy named Waldo.  He is only 2.5 pounds!  We have been snapping our camera like crazy and he isn’t even our dog!  Imagine how crazy we would get if it was?

I created this personalized magazine cover for them using YourCover’s DOGLife template to welcome their new addition!  This is the perfect personalized photo gift idea for them to remember the day they brought Waldo home.

Not only is this a good gift for dog lovers, but it it can also be used as a unique birthday gift or if you just want to give a special keepsake to someone you care about for no reason at all, the Dog Life personalized magazine cover is the perfect gift for someone who loves their dog!

Use the YourCover magazine cover generator to upload a photo of your dog; then customize headlines to be all about the dog and the cute things your cute dog does!  When searching for a unique gift for a dog-lover, create and personalize a fake magazine cover. You’ll be giving a personalized dog gift that will be cherished for years to come.


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