Unique Gift Idea for Your Pet!

Personalized Magazine Cover-Unique Gifts for PetIt may seem crazy to some, but to animal lovers…it is not crazy at all.  Once you bring a new pet into your home, they become a member of the family…the newest addition!  One to spoil with an enormous amount of attention, dress them up in ridiculous outfits and of course snuggle with on the couch at night.  To those who don’t have a pet, you don’t have to own one to understand.  I’m sure you have witnessed first hand from friends or family who have behaved in this fashion.

Whether you are witnessing the love or experiencing it, I’m sure you have a bunch of photos showing the quirky things your pet has done or at least showing how cute they are.  Why not create a personalized magazine cover as a gift or for yourself in honor of your beloved pet!? 

Using YourCover’s custom magazine cover creation tool, you can turn that special photo of your dog, cat or bird into their very own magazine cover!  Keep in mind that, even though National Pet Month might be over [April 3-May3],  personalized pet magazine covers makes the best birthday gift ideas for friends and family!
Other national pet events:

  • National Dog Day August 26th
  • National Dog Week – Last week of September
  • Adopt-a-dog Month – October 1-31
  • National Cat Day October 29

Visit YourCover Personalized Magazine Covers to get started on your Pet Magazine Cover now!


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