Unique Gift Ideas For Tech Savvy Kids


My little sister is going into fifth grade this coming fall and believe it or not, her school is requiring her to have a laptop. It’s crazy to think how quickly technology is becoming a necessity in everyone’s lives. Exposure at such a young age can be bad in some ways (too much time inside instead of outside playing), but I think it is a good thing in many ways too.  

Children are learning how to problem-solve, research, and be creative in all different ways, thanks to technology.  The computer is just one way they are learning, but it’s also making them tech savvy in a way that will prepare them for using very sophisticated technologies in the future.  I see how my mom still struggles with her cell phone and Blackberry and then I look at my 10 year old sister who’s playing games on her Nintendo DSi and iPod Touch.  

For this year’s Father’s Day, I’m going to be working with her on a Father’s Day magazine cover with a golf theme. My dad loves golf and my sister is old enough now and tech-knowledgeable enough to work on this gift with me, even though we’re in different states.

A YourCover magazine cover is a great gift for anyone.  They make awesome birthday gifts for guys, unique gifts for mom, a gift for coach or teacher, and pretty much any occasion you can think of! They’re so easy to make, even your kids can do it!  Unique photo gift ideas are a fun family project to work on and it doesn’t take too much time!  

Just imagine how excited your kids will be when they get to take part in making a gift for mom or dad, or grandma and grandpa, or even a great teacher or coach! Being a part of making it will definitely make gift giving quite the experience for them.  AND you’ll get to spend some great quality time with them too!

At YourCover, we believe that the best gift ideas are the ones that come from the heart. Share the experience! Make a photo magazine cover today!


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