Unique Gifts For Mom


The holiday season is upon us once again and we are faced with the challenging (and sometimes daunting) question of: what do I get mom this year?

Sometimes moms can be so hard to shop for, especially if they aren’t crazy about anything in particular. 

They always say that you don’t need to get them anything or do anything special, but that’s a big fat lie. If anything, most moms need extra special care and attention, especially around the holidays. Even if you appreciate your mom all year long, you should be taking extra special care of her anyway!

Giving a fake magazine cover is a unique personalized gift for mom that is perfect at any age, for any occasion, and fits within any budget. If your budget is on the low side (or you’re a very last minute shopper), you can purchase your magazine cover creation as a download file to print yourself. You’ll wow Mom (and everyone esle in your family) with an instant gift that’s under $15 dollars.

If you’ve got a bit more to spend, have us print and frame it for you for a hassle free gift! Your mom will absolutely love this! Unique gifts for mom are hard to come by and if you’re struggling to think of a great idea, look no further, make a magazine cover


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