Having a party and need creative invitations? Turn your personalized magazine cover into an invitation! Follow the steps below to create a “one-in-a-million” invitation for your upcoming event. Let’s get started!

1) Design the front cover as you normally would but be sure to mention the party and indicate that the party details are on the back.

2) The "Editor’s Note" is a place for you to write something special about the person or event being celebrated .

3)Use the "Facts About” section to give party details. Type WHERE the party is located, the TIME, DATE, and whatever other details you might have. Don’t forget the RSVP info. After you have typed your party information, click UPDATE to show your changes.

4) You can keep the "Top 10" section as is with for example “Top 10 Reasons to Come to (Name’s) Birthday Party” If you do not feel like including more text here, you can also add a picture of the guest of honor in this section.

You can insert pictures in the “Editor’s Note,” “Facts About,” and Top 10” sections, in addition to the photo in the bottom right hand corner.

So remember, you can create your invitation however you chose! The steps that we have given you are simply an example to help you create your own variation!


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