Unique Keepsake for Destination Weddings

Are you having a destination wedding and looking for a fun, memorable keepsake to add to the baskets in everyone’s hotel room?  A YourCover personalized wedding magazine cover is a clever way to accomplish several goals you may have for the basket. 

Your first question may be – what is a personalized magazine cover? You can use the online design tool at YourCover to upload a photo of you and your fiance to the "wedding" magazine cover template. The next step is to customize the default headlines to be all about you and your wedding. A unique back cover feature is also available where you can upload additional photos and more information about your wedding, the events surrounding your destination wedding and/or special memories or info about your bridal party.

So how exactly can you use your wedding magazine cover at your destination wedding?

  • Feature your photo on the front with highlights of your upcoming events in the headlines. Use the back cover to give details about the events.
  • Tell the ‘story’ of your relationship – use the headlines on the front to offer hints and then use the back cover to tell the full story of how you met, fell in love and became engaged.
  • Share your thanks with your guests, family and bridal party – let them know how much you appreciate their being a part of your special dayg.
  • Use the back cover as a program outlining the events of the wedding with times and locations included.

The magazine covers can be purchased several different ways – the least expensive option is the photo file download. This provides you with photo files that you print at home or at a local photo shop, printer or copy shop. The next option is to let us print your fake magazine covers for you.  Photo prints are available for the front cover only or you can purchase the front/back version – the front/back is available as separate prints or let us combine it for a unique duplex print (front on one side, back on the other).  Frames are also available as well as posters, mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts and more. We also have a special discount wherein the first print is full price but every copy thereafter is 50% off.

The YourCover design system allows you to start your magazine cover and then save it for future editing so get started today!


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