Unique Pet Gift For Man’s Best Friend


DogLife Magazine Cover TemplateDogs are amazing creatures. They’re your best friend, they love you unconditionally, they never get mad at you when you get home late, and— they’re cute as can be. Dogs aren’t just pets anymore, they’re family.

If you or someone you know has the best pet dog ever, make them a star on a magazine cover! Our DogLife magazine cover template will make for the most unique and personal gift you can give someone this holiday season.

Many of our best magazine covers have been the pet ones because they’re so cute and funny! This is much more than a fake magazine cover, it’s a great gift that will make anyone happy. Even your furry creature.

We as people don’t make our pets the center of attention enough, so this year, celebrate your lovable pup by making a custom magazine cover that everyone will love! All you have to do is upload a great photo of your little monster, personalize your headlines, and place your order! It’s so easy, even your dog can do it!


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