Unique Photo Gifts for Summer Events

Summer is just around the corner! Hold on to your camera to catch those hilarious summer moments around the barbeque or on the family vacation. If you are searching for unique photo gifts for your summer birthdays, anniversaries or reunions – a personalized magazine cover is just the ticket.

If your family is taking a trip this summer, a unique way to catalog the trip is with a personalized magazine cover. Put your favorite picture from the vacation on the front cover, in addition to your most memorable quotes said over your trip! With a YourCover, you will be able to reminisce about that hysterical, exciting, or historical family vacation you took that one summer…OR…THAT BORING ONE TOO!
The back cover also adds more space for photos and text so you can’t leave ANYTHING out from your glorious trip with your family. If you didn’t take a vacation, that’s okay.
If you are planning to have barbecues instead, I’m sure with your friends, family, and neighbors around there is no doubt that something might happen.
The summer flies by because everyone is having fun, so don’t make this a summer where everyone is going to forget. Have them remember it by putting them on a personalized magazine for their summer birthday, personal celebrity (example title:"GRILL MASTER"), or an anniversary. You can use it as a centerpiece, invitation, or party favor for your summer event!

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