Unique Safety Award

Many companies issue Safety Awards to the employees at their firm that have stellar safety records over the past year.  Recognizing these employees can be done on a yearly or even sometimes on a monthly basis.  The usual safety award is some sort of certificate that congratulates the employee on their achievement.

Safety Award Fake Magazine Cover AwardA fresh new idea for a unique safety award is a personalized magazine cover from YourCover.  Choose the Safety Award magazine cover template and upload the employee’s photo.  Customize the headlines to be all about your company and this particular employee’s safety record.  A YourCover personalized magazine cover will make the employee feel extra special and it is an award they will be proud to show off to co-workers, family and friends.

One of the unique features of the YourCover magazine cover generator is the ability to duplicate a magazine cover design.  If a particular company has more than one award to give out, they can simply create the first design, duplicate it and then customize the second cover with the next employee’s photo, name and record – the remaining information stays the same. This unique feature saves time and effort when multiple awards need to be created.

Get started on your safety award personalized magazine cover today!


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