Unique Sports Gift Idea


Unique Sports Gift Personalized Magazine Cover

We have another new personalized magazine cover that we have added to our 50 plus covers!  If you don’t need a sports gift, you can alos browse all of our other fake magazine covers for your next unique brithday gift idea or romantic gift idea for that upcoming anniversary.

The new magazine cover template, Champions, is fun and easy to create.  Simply upload a photo of your team displaying their recent victory and customize our default headlines to all about the team and your great season!  It will make a great gift for coach, or captains’ gift or even a gift for the whole team!  This magazine cover template is not only for teams but for individual champions as well.  Whether your champion won a race or a spelling bee, this fake magazine cover is the perfect unique gift idea to celebrate and commemorate their achievement.

Give a unique gift that captures their special moment forever, create your YourCover Champions magazine cover now.


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