Unique Sweet 16 Gift Idea

Sweet 16Only Miley Cyrus can pull a Sweet 16 bash like that of the one held for her at Disneyland.  It was a starstudded event!  Everyone from Mickey Mouse to Vanessa Williams was there to help her celebrate.  Look at her cake!!  It’s almost as tall as she is…and she has heels on! 

Unfortunately, the average 16 year old wouldn’t be able to have such a party [this is where the teens sigh in disappointment and the parents jump up & down in excitement].
Finding unique sweet 16 ideas for your daughter or son’s party can be daunting.  Sweet 16 Gift IdeaSearch for invitations, favors, cake designs, music, etc…it’s like a wedding!  Make your sweet 16 gift easy and fun by creating a personalized magazine cover from YourCover.  

Look at how beauitful Laila looks on her fake magazine cover!  A friend of the family is a photographer and he took an awesome photo session of her, and mom used this to create a sweet 16 gift so Laila can remember her amazing day!  She also used them as favors for her sweet 16 party to hand out to the kids – THEY WERE A HIT!  Parents – you don’t have to invite Mickey or Vanessa for your 16 yr. old to have a blast at their party, just make them feel like a star with their own personalized magazine cover from YourCover. 


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