Unique Wedding Gift Idea

Personalized Magazine CoversI’ve now been married for 1 month and 1 week  (I’m counting again like I did when we first started dating) and I hate to be a cornball, but…. it’s great :O)  We didn’t live with each other before getting married, so it’s pretty nice to not have to drive home after spending the day with each other!

We are still waiting on our wedding photos to come back, but we got a preview and we CANNOT wait until we can have them all!  It will definitely be hard to pick out the best for the wedding album, but our favorites definitely stand out. 

We want to use our very favorite to make a fake magazine cover to remember how perfect our wedding day was.  I was going to make this on my own and surprise my husband because I thought it was a great romantic gift idea, but then I thought it would be fun to make it together. 

Personalized magazine covers can be great for any occasion, but with professional photos from your wedding, you will really look like magazine cover superstars!  It also makes a nice 1st Anniversary gift idea too since the traditional gift is paper….hmmmm? ;O)


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