Unique Wedding Program Idea

Getting married soon and looking for a unique wedding program?  A personalized magazine cover from YourCover could be the solution you are looking for.  The front magazine cover features a photo of you and your fiance. Using the online magazine cover generator at YourCover.com, you can customize the default headlines to be all about you and your wedding.

Unique Wedding Program Magazine CoverWhen creating a wedding program, you will definitely want to use our unique back cover feature. There are 7 different back cover templates that give you various choices of layout, photo size, number and orientation as well as different locations for text.  After uploading additional photos to the back cover, add all the information about your wedding. You can also use the right sidebar to include family names, bridal party names and to offer thanks and recognition to important guests or the officiant.

A personalized fake magazine cover is a unique wedding program that is also a unique wedding keepsake.  Frame a copy for yourself, your parents and other family members to remember this special day forever!


2 thoughts on “Unique Wedding Program Idea

  1. Michele

    Thanks for your comment Kamille. You can use YourCover as a wedding program by designing both a front and back cover. The front features a photo of the two of you with headlines about your wedding and then use the back cover to give the program details about the wedding. Download and print yourself for only $18.95! Please visit http://www.YourCover.com or give us a call at 877-972-6837 if we can be of any further help.


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