Valerie Hoff of Channel 11 Atlanta Loves YourCover!

Big excitement for YourCover over the Mother’s Day weekend when Valerie Hoff, the morning anchor at Channel 11 Atlanta (WXIA), decided that she loved the idea of creating a personalized photo magazine cover for her mom for Mother’s Day.

Valerie logged in to our site, uploaded a photo of her mom and then personalized the headlines so that they poked a bit of fun but at the same time let her mom know how much she was admired and loved.  She let her viewers know that our customized magazine covers are great for Mother’s Day but that they are also a terrific personalized gift idea for Father’s Day, Graduation or a milestone birthday.

Below is quick video of the segment from Valerie’s show that featured YourCover on Saturday May 8.  So take a page from Valerie and create your personalized photo magazine cover for your next gift-giving opportunity – it’s a custom gift idea that is sure to surprise and please the recipient!


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