Veteran’s Day – Saluting Our Heroes

Veteran's Day is an important US holiday that gives us all the opportunity to thank our military membersHero Fake Magazine Cover from YourCover for their service to our country.  Members of the US Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force as well as members of the National Guard are the true heroes who help to keep us safe from forces within and without who seek to do harm to our citizens, government and country.  A day such as Veteran's Day allows us to pause and think about their contributions and sacrifices that afford us the freedoms we enjoy each day.

To thank one of your Amercian Heroes, you can use our HERO magazine cover template to create a unique gift and keepsake that features their photo and custom headlines. Simply upload the photo to the magazine cover generator at, choose the Hero fake magazine cover theme and then personalize the headlines.

Each magazine cover is as unique as the person starring on the front cover. The personalized magazine cover can be downloaded as an image file for self-printing (great last minute gift) or YourCover can print (and frame) it. Fake magazine covers can also be printed on mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts and posters.



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