Vote for the Cover of the Month

July Cover of the MonthEach month at YourCover we choose a magazine cover designed by one of our customers to be the cover of the month.  This lucky customer then receives a free magazine cover print in a beautiful wood frame in addition their design is featured on our home page as well as on the YourCover Facebook page.

In the past, YourCover staff would choose the best design. But we’ve decided to get you, our wonderful customers, involved by allowing you to choose the cover of the month.

All you need to do choose the best personalized magazine cover is to go the the August Gallery of Magazine Covers on the YourCover Facebook page.  Look over all the designs and then "like" the one(s) you think is/are the best.

The cover with most ‘likes’ will be the cover of the month for August.  This same process will repeat each month.

So which personalized magazine cover do you like best? Vote here!


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