What are Your Plans for the Weekend?

TGIF!!!!!!  Everyone looks forward to the weekend, although it always leaves quicker than it comes, it is nice break after a long week at work. 
We are planning for gorgeous weather here in the East, so spending the weekend outside sounds promising…maybe even our first barbeque!!  With the long winter we had, we are yearning for that first time to sit outside and enjoy our first outdoor meal!
If you are one of [I’m sure many] who don’t have plans this weekend, take a stab at creating a personalized magazine cover for someone special!  Mother’s Day is coming up, so don’t forget about your mom!  This would be the perfect unique gift idea for mom, so don’t leave her empty handed!  She will cherish the time and effort that you put into creating someting so special.  After all, she puts time and effort into being such a great mom, so can you! 
If you know someone who is graduating, put them front and center with this perfect personalized graduation gift idea.  Upload their graduation picture with headlines of their accomplishments and where they are headed to next! 
A YourCover personalized magazine cover can be used for many other occassions as well.  It can make a great Birthday gift and a wonderful Anniversary gift.  Just remember the picture completes the magazine cover…the clearer the photo, the better your personalized magazine cover will print out.

Don’t think this weekend will be wasted away if you don’t have plans!  There is much to get done with Mother’s Day, Graduation and I’m sure you have some Birthday’s coming up too!  YourCover has you covered with your personalized photo gift ideas


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