What should the groom get the bride for their wedding?


Gift from Groom to Bride - Personalized Wedding Magazine CoverGuys are notoriously uncreative and bad about getting gifts for their girlfriends and spouses.   When a couple decides to get married the engagement gift is a lay-up – a ring.  Since the rings (engagement and wedding) are assumed, what gift can the groom get to both surprise and delight his new bride?   How about a personalized magazine cover from YourCover?  It’s something intimate, completely personal and of course not too expensive. 

In just fifteen minutes or less you can create a gift that your bride will treasure and keep – forever.  Really, she will NEVER throw it out.  In case you grooms are not aware, women like to keep stuff forever.  I can say this from personal experience. 

You already have lots of photos, and memories of how you two met and came to be together.  Stories abound and all can be combined and compiled into a front and back personalized magazine cover for a unique photo gift that will not only impress your new bride, but also show her your creative side.  She’ll like that a lot.  

Planning a wedding is a stressful time for a groom (ok and the bride too) and I can remember my thinking how I could not wait for it all to be over and to be on that honeymoon.  I wish YourCover magazine covers had been around when I got married.  I’m sure my wife would still have saved one of the most personal gifts I could ever have given her.  There’s still time for you! 


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