What White House staffers should get the President on Boss’s Day

The President of the United States is a BIG boss.  Current U.S. President Barack Obama has tons and tons of staffers and some of them will no doubt give him some sort of gift for next month’s (October 16th) Boss’s Day 2015.  If I were White House staffer I would definitely think hard about what to give the boss.

A personalized fake magazine cover from YourCover.com would satisfy many requirements for a unique Bosses Day gift.  Not expensive, extremely personal and thoughtful and fun!  Getting the President to smile during these difficult days cannot be easy.  Finding a way to do that would be, in a word, Priceless.  And it could not hurt your current and future job prospects.

In our cover editor choose the Best Boss template to make your Boss’ Day gift and then all you need to do is upload a photo or two (or three) and write a few headlines (not too scathing even if you are tempted). We can print and frame your Boss’ Day gift or purchase the photo file download (delivered instantly on order confirmation page) and print it yourself.  It’s fast, easy, personal, and nobody else you know will do it.  So it’s a unique gift.  It’s not the worst thing in the world to make your boss smile now and again!

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