Who’s Retiring?


Retirement Living Magazine Cover TemplateYou work so hard for years and then you finally get to retire! Believe it or not, our retirement magazine cover template is actually one of our best sellers. I think that’s wonderful! People really should celebrate finally getting some extra time to do the things that they love.

Whoever is retiring will sure get a kick out of this unique personalized gift. 

If you’re making this for a coworker, you can mention funny office inside jokes like, "Top 10 Ways Bob Handles Unruly Customers".

If you are making this for your spouse or family member, you can talk about how much extra free time they’ll have to spend with you!

With this great instant gift idea, the possibilities are endless and you’ll have so much fun making it too! Make this momentous occasion extra memorable with a unique personalized gift. All you need is a great photo and you’re already half way to the best gift ever!


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