How to Win on Valentine’s Day

Personalized Valentine's Day GiftIt looms there every year about this time.  February 14th – St. Valentine’s Day.  A day to celebrate the ones you love.  Sure you could buy flowers, go out to a fancy dinner.  Or even cook your love a fancy dinner – not all that romantic since you will probably be a bit sweaty and messy after all that time in the kitchen.  Not to mention tired.  And how will that work exactly?

Do you really want to win on Valentine’s Day?  You’ve got photos on your phone right?  Why not take those photos and create a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift?  A gift that will show how much you care and will make it appear as if you did all kinds of work, (which is not the case, but who cares right?).  Take the credit – and the spoils!

YourCover is ready to help you put something cool together fast and easy. Putting your Valentine on the cover of a personalized fake magazine cover could be the springboard to a great night and who knows what might come after

Did we mention it is sooooo easy?  You can choose your own title, or choose a YourCover Valentine’s Day template (there’s lots of others).  You make the completely personalized fake magazine cover in real-time and if all you want is a downloadable jpeg you can count it being sent as soon as you order!

If you want to have print and frame it for you then you’ll need a bit more time for printing and shipping to wherever and whomever you designate.

You want to win with a unique Valentine’s Day gift?  YourCover is your ticket!


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