Winter Clean Up?

We had a terrific 4th quarter here at YourCover, so much so that our web servers are getting overloaded with saved magazine covers.  Of course we wish that our wonderful users and customers would buy their magazine covers but sometimes it takes a few tries to get the cover just right. In the meanwhile perhaps you’ve created 2 or 3 that you don’t need or you just can’t find a photo that works so you move on.

Well, because of all those saved but un-purchased magazine covers, our servers are getting a bit overwhelmed.  Therefore, we will be cleaning out the servers starting on Monday January 16.  Anyone who saved a magazine cover prior to November 30 but did not buy it has received an email letting them know about this cleaning. Any cover saved prior to November 30 but not purchased will be deleted from the servers starting on Monday.

Did you make a magazine cover prior to November 30, 2011?  If so, follow the directions included here to make sure your design is not deleted.

Option 1: Buy your magazine cover
Option 2: LOG IN to your account at YourCover. You will be at your "My Covers" section of your account. Click on "duplicate" beneath the un-purchased magazine cover(s). This newly duplicated cover will have been created after November 30, therefore it will not be deleted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 877-972-6837 (or 203-563-9288), we’re happy to help.


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