You never forget the teacher who influenced your life


Think back to the teachers from your past who you can still remember today.   If you’re like me it’s a positive thing for the most part as some of them were really great, I’ve also tried hard to forget the teachers that left me cold.    I still find myself remembering things that my teachers have told me and I’m even more appreciative of the caring and influence they had on my life.   

Best Teacher Gift - fake magazine coverSome of my old teachers are even active on Facebook although it is a bit odd to be FB friends with someone that taught me in high school a very long time ago.  Yet they are closer to me in age than are my children!   Had YourCover been around at the time there are several of my former teachers for whom I would have enjoyed creating a personalized BEST TEACHER fake magazine.  I would include the inside jokes that only the teacher and my classmates would understand (and they still make me laugh so many years later).  What’s more the teachers would have loved it – and kept and treasured it I’m certain. 

When you are growing up it’s sometimes difficult to realize that a teacher is playing such an important role in your life’s development.    In fact it’s likely that Mom and Dad recognize a great teacher before the student does.  

If you are looking for a unique teacher’s gift for your teacher (or your child’s teacher), you can make Teacher Appreciation Day especially memorable with a “Best Teacher” personalized magazine cover from Yourcover.  It’s the perfect way to acknowledge and remember the best of the best when it comes to those that help shape your future. 


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