Your Golf Magazine Cover

Golfing Magazine Cover

All the men in my life LOVE to golf.  My dad, brothers and fiance all love to get out on the course and hit some birdies [not real one’s of course!].  I’m a beginner.  Just getting my feet wet.  I played my first 9 hole course last summer and got my first golf bag for Christmas.  I definitely like the sport, it just takes A LOT of patience, which sometimes I don’t have.   I want to be able to improve my game so I can keep up with the guys!  It would be nice to spend the day out playing a game of golf with my dad or my brothers, oh yeah, and my fiance too of course! ;0)

For my brother’s birthday last year I made him a YourCover personalized magazine cover to showcase his golfing talent.  HE LOVED IT!!! 
I reviewed the magazine cover templates and picked the Over Par template, obviously my younger brother is not "over par" in his age, so I changed the title to Golfer’sMonthly.  I love how YourCover is completely customizable!  

It is hanging in his room as we speak and his friends ask him all the time, "How did you get on a magazine cover?!?!"  He keeps his little secret to himself, maybe only telling a few. 

Are you a part of a golfing family?  Make your personalized golf cover now!


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