YourCover featured in Buzzfeed for Unique Father’s Day Gifts

It's so exciting for us here at YourCover when our products are picked up and featured by online publishers.  Recently Buzzfeed distributed an article by Alanna Okun listing "26 Rad Father's Day Gifts that Aren't Ties".  Our personalized Father's Day magazine cover was included in the list as #8.  A press release we wrote about the Buzzfeed article was sent out last week and picked by various news outlets around the country.  A portion of the release is included below:

"…Alanna pulled together 26 great ideas ranging from custom golf tees to Star Wars golf club covers to #8 – a YourCover personalized Father's Day magazine cover. Buzzfeed is well-known for its breaking news and fun lists of ideas, memories and products that quickly become memes that are shared and reshared through social media.

A YourCover Father's Day or Best Dad magazine cover is a personalized Father's Day gift that's as unique as the Dad starring on the front cover." [continue reading]

To make a personalized fake magazine cover as a unique Father's Day gift, follow these 3 easy steps…

1) Choose 1 of 80+ YourCover magazine cover templates
2) Upload a photo
3) Customize the default headlines to be all about the Dad on the front cover (his life, family, friends and interests)

Best Dad Personalized Magazine Cover



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