YourCover offers easy homemade Mother’s Day gift idea

Well known website has a great Insider blog filled with articles about unique gifts and special deals.  We are so excited that they have included YourCover magazine covers in their round up of Mother's Day gift ideas.  You can read the article at the RetailMeNot Insider "From Your Hands to Her Heart" by Trae Bodge.

Mother's Day Fake Magazine CoverAn example of a great Mother's Day gift idea is using either the Best Mom magazine cover or the Mother's Day magazine cover, both of which are available in our cover editor. Other fun choices might be the Celebrity, Diva or SuperChef magazine cover titles.  Of course you can always use the blank 'make your own title' template to create a completely unique magazine cover about your mom's special interests.

To make a magazine cover, go to YourCover, choose a template, upload a photo, and personalize the headlines to be all about the special mom featured on the front cover.  Download a photo file for self-printing (great last minute Mother's Day gift!) or let us print and frame it for you.


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