YourCover on TV!

On Sunday December 11, Lindsay Roberts of the included our personalized magazine cover gifts as one of her suggestions when she appeared on NBC 5.  The title of her segment was "Go To Gifts For People Who Forgot to Plan – Gift Ideas Under $50."  Lindsay had several suggestions for last minute gifts and we were thrilled to be one of her ideas.

The host of the show was quite interested and you can see that the personalized magazine cover used for the segment was a Best Pet fake cover. That cute dog lives in Chicago and we’re sure he (well his owners) loved his starring moment on both his magazine cover and on TV!

You can watch the segment below and don’t forget that YourCover offers the perfect last minute gift solution. Upload a photo, choose a magazine cover template, personalize the default headlines and purchase a photo file download. In minutes you have a unique personalized gift that you print and frame yourself. They’ll never know it was a last minute gift idea!

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