YourCover Wishes You a Happy 4th of July!

Personalized Magazine Covers

Every year, it is a last minute decision on deciding what our family will be doing for the 4th.  The decision between our short drive to our cousin’s house on the beach or waking up at the crack of dawn to beat traffic to get to a Long Island beach [our CT beaches are not very pretty], will be made Saturday night on the 3rd.

Celebrating the 4th is a blast of course, but my birthday is on the 3rd, which makes it double the fun!  You would think with all of the planning and 4th of July BBQ hysteria, I would have experienced an episode like Samantha did in Sixteen Candles, where my parents completely forget my birthday.  I think I’ve done a great job to remind them enough anyway ;0)

To remind them this year, it would be awesome to see myself on a magazine.  That obviously is not happening anytime soon, but creating fake magazine covers can!  YourCover personalized magazine covers turns any photo of your choice into a personalized photo gift idea for all occasions…in this case a birthday!  Over the years I have handed over some of the best birthday gift ideas to my parents for hints on what I’d like, but this one takes the cake!


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