YourCover’s 3rd party application is ready for prime time!


Over the years many of YourCover’s individual customers have inquired if there was a way for them to set up a baseline template for their company or organization and use that template to create personalized fake magazine cover awards and acknowledgments for valued employees, team members and contributors.   Well the wait is over and YourCover is happy to announce that our new 3rd party application is up and running and already hard at work.
What’s a 3rd party application?   It’s a completely free tool that corporations, sports teams, websites, magazines and even club members (just to name a few) can use to help them create unique and totally personalized fake magazine covers.
How does it work?  A registered user (so easy to set up) creates a baseline template (or any amount of templates for that matter) for a fake magazine cover.   The honoree or organization’s name is then plugged in along with individual content that can be filled with photos, and personalized information on the person, group, or team being honored.   
Is there any license fee or contract?   No there are no fees associated with using YourCover’s 3rd party application.   YourCover can also work out a discount plan for regular users.  Please ask us about that.
If you are looking for a great way to create unique gifts that acknowledge employees, your team, or organization the YourCover 3rd party application is ready to help you every step of the way.


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